We offer various props like chairs, tables, couches, backgrounds, floors and art work. We also have furniture from different designers we collaborate with. Please contact us for further information & conditions.

· Backgrounds and Floors
· Studio Props
· Artwork by StudioRifa
· Furniture by Loft Kolasinski

 Props PDF

Backgrounds & Floors

We offer a selection of Calumet background papers (width: 2.72m), movable walls, a 6 x 5m infinity curve, as well as a white wall with a brick structure. Backgrounds can be painted in all colors. We also have a wooden floor to rent. Contact us for any further information.

Studio Props

Feel free to use our various studio props. Prices on demand.


Artwork by Kristine Alksne

The artwork of Chérie Art Director, artist and set stylist Kristine Alksne (Studio Rifa) can be used for productions. Conditions on demand.

Furniture by Loft Kolasinski

The Polish furniture label Loft Kolasinski shows its high quality furniture design at Chérie. Feel free to use their sofas, tables and mirrors. For editorials we just ask for credits. For commercial shoots prices on demand. 


graphic benches with gray/blue fabric or light wood tops and black metal legs