The Chérie rental studio and production is a place where French flair meets the spirit of Berlin. We offer inspiring spaces with the best possible services for your project in a laid-back environment. Because we believe that a charming, welcoming atmosphere not only enhances creativity but makes life way more enjoyable.
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Mietstudio 1 Hohkehle und Fenstern

Editorial for L’OFFICIEL HOMMES Mag

Fashion shoot by photographer Pascal Gambarte for L’OFFICIEL HOMMES Mag Germany, issue No. 3 Fall, 2016.

LOH 0316 TheWeepingSong 1
LOH 0316 TheWeepingSong 3
LOH 0316 TheWeepingSong 6

Editorial for L'OFFICIEL HOMMES Mag Germany
Photography: Pascal Gambarte
Styling: Christian Stemmler
Hair: Lee Machin / Caren
Make-up: Ischrak Nitschke / Blossom Management & Manu Kopp / Nina Klein Agency
Models: Charlotte Tomaszewska / Pars Management, Baptiste Zysman / Elite Paris, Julius Gerhardt / Kult Models, VOS / Lumpen Men



Social Media Shoot for

Art direction & set design for summer's 2016 social media campaign of - one of the leading online retailers for luxury fashion & beauty.


Production: Studio Chérie Production
Photography: Terry Whitaker
Art Direction & Set Design: Kristine Alksne
Brands: Alexander McQueen, Jil Sander, Fendi, Marni, Victoria Beckham, Karen Walker, Anya Hindmarch and others



Creating the set design for a Dior commercial shot, published in GLAMOUR Beauty Book, special edition 2016. 

1 GLAMOUR Look 06 091FINAL
1und2 GLAMOUR x

DIOR Editorial for GLAMOUR Beauty Book
Photography & Styling: Alexx and Anton
Set Design: Kristine Alksne
Make-Up: Norman Pohl Für Dior
Hair: Heiko Palach

Set Design for Grazia Mag

Set design project by Chérie Production’s Art Director Kristine Alksne for an editorial by photographer Dan Beleiu for Grazia Magazin, Issue May 2016. 


Editorial Project for GRAZIA Mag
Photography: Dan Beleiu 

Styling & Production: Christiane Graf 
Set Design: Kristine Alksne / Studio Chérie Production 
Model: Alexandra Hochgürtel / East West Models
Hair & Make­-Up: Benjamin Becher / Nina Klein Agency

FLURSTÜCK Picture Series

Chérie Photo Production for Findeisen GmbH’s new carpet brand FLURSTÜCK, including art direction, set design, set styling, location scouting and photography for the picture series of the brands first collection Berlin_2016/1. The collection is created by product and industrial designer Dirk Biotto and show graphic patterns that are strict but soft at the same time.

nadefliess 717v4b
nadefliess 137v2
nadefliess 269
nadefliess 1114v2
nadefliess 552v2
nadefliess 053v2
nadefliess 972v3

Client: Findeisen GmbH / FLURSTÜCK
Production: Studio Chérie Production
Art Direction & Set Design, Styling: Kristine Alksne
Photography: Anne Deppe
Project Management: Katja Navarra
Photography Assistant: Clara Sokol
Selected Furniture: minimum / Private Aspects / Loft Szczecin
Selected Art Work: Jessica Wolfelsperger




Sabrina Theissen for VOGUE

Fashion shooting for VOGUE Germany, March 2015.

VOGUE Business 01 copy
VOGUE Business 02 copy

Editorial Project for VOUGE Germany
Sabrina Theissen
Styling: Kathrin Schiffner
Hair: Patrick Gorra
Make-Up: Loni Baur


SZ Magazine

Jewelry editorial by Sabrina Theissen for Süddeutche Zeitung Magazine, issue No. 02/11, 2014.

01 copy
02 copy

Editorial Project for SZ Magazine
Photography: Sabrina Theissen
Styling: Kathi Kauder
Set Design: Kristine Alksne

KaDeWe Jewelry Series

A winter’s tale for the Christmas edition of KaDeWe Magazine 2015.

Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.24.23
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.24.36
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.24.49

Client: KaDeWe
Photography: Roberto Badin
Set Styling: Christian Kleemann

The Tracht - Chanel Special

CHANEL editorial for Sleek Magazine, issue 2015.

Hohenberg 1
Hohenberg 3

Editorial Project for Sleek Magazine
Photography: Gregor Hohenberg
Art Direction: Bureau Mario Lombardo
Hair: Thorsten Weiss
Make-Up: Christian Fritzenwanker
Stylist: Rebecca Rupcic

Ulay for Zoo Magazine

A photo project by performance artist Ulay. Find the full story in ZOO Magazine No. 47, 2015.


Editorial Project for ZOO Magazine
With: Ulay, Iris Berben, Nina Hoss, Franzi Mueller, Lily McMenamy, Stella Lucia, Lena Pislak, Jenny Hall

Creative Director: José Klap - ZOO Magazine
Stylist: Danai Moshona
Hair: Mischka Hart - Basics Berlin
Make-Up: Gabrielle Theurer - Basics Berlin
Models: Iris Berben, Jenny Hall, Nina Hoss, José Klap,
Stella Lucia - Wiener Models, Franzi Mueller - SEEDS,
Lily McMenamy and Lena Pislak
Photographer’s Assistant: Michael Angel for Leica
Head of Production: Yaël Temminck - ZOO Magazine
Anagrammatic Bodies is photographed with a Leica S

Home 24

Interior Design by Home 24, 2015.

Home24 2
Home24 3
Home24 4
Home24 5

Client: Home 24

Interactive Video Installation 8GG

Body Control - an interactive video installation by the multimedia duo 8GG, for 艺术界 LEAP, Beijing Modern Media Group, The International Art Magazine of Contemporary China, 2015. Choreographed by Sergiu Matis, shot by the artist duo Caroline Fayette & Chloé Guerbois (Studio Twins).



A TypeA2 Clip1 00840
A TypeA2 Clip1 01067
B TypeB Clip1 06502
C TypeA1 Clip3 05802

Client: 8GG
Choreography: Sergiu Matis

Dancers: Sergiu Matis / Maria Walser / Corey Scott Gilbert
 / Enrico Wey
Video Shooting & Photography: Studio Twins - Caroline Fayette & Chloé Guerbois
vvvv Programming: Michael & Ann-Katrin Krenz
Costume Design: Lena Matthia Schmid
Make-Up: Ambinintsoa Randrianantenaina / Aileen Tönnies

Exhibitions in:
Beijing Modern Media Group, Chengdu

Published in:
艺术界 LEAP, Beijing Modern Media Group

iGNANT Domestic Stories

Exploring The Absurdity Of Household Objects

Multidisciplinary artists Kristine Alksne and Pernille Andersen collaborated on the "Domestic Stories" to explore the intersection of set design and set styling. The photo series, which features tableaux of household objects, evokes an aura of elegance with a touch of absurdity. Despite the random array of objects in each image, there is an overarching sense of continuity. Not only that, each setup seems to be in motion with its own personality.

Articles: iGNANT, July 2015 / Gestalten, Dez 2015.


Editorial Project for iGNANT
Art Direction & Set Design, Set Styling: Kristine Alksne & Pernille Andersen
Photography: Clara Sokol
Production: Studio Chérie Production


A colorful editorial of photographer Julia von der Heide for A/SH Art Fashion Magazine in collaboration with Chérie's set stylist & set designer Kristine Alksne. The project is inspired by moods of photographer Samuel Fosso and vibrant Lisbon patterns.

151214 Fosso m7 761 v3 copy
151214 Fosso m9 140 v2 copy
151214 Fosso m2 335 v1 copy
151214 Fosso m7 018 v3 copy
151214 Fosso m1 837 v2 copy

Editorial Project for A/SH Magazine
Photography: Julia von der Heide
Set Design: Kristine Alksne
Styling: Saskia Schmidt
Hair & Make-Up: Ischrak Nitschke / Bloosom management

i-D goes techno

Connecting the former techno-days with Berlin's vibrant electronic music scene of today.

Discover more: i-D Fashion, Sept 2015.


i Dconverse01
i Dconverse06
i Dconverse08
i Dconverse09

Editorial Project for i-D Fashion Magazine
Photography: Benjamin Mallek
Styling: Erik Raynal
Hair & Make-up: Tan Vuong
Production: Alexandra Bondi de Antoni
Models: Emma / Magic Island. Lynn / RIN. Egon Elliut. Aaron, Felix und Kevin / FJAAK 

In Cooperation with Converse

Private Aspects

Chérie Production for the German furniture & design label Private Aspects, including set styling and photography of the current collection as well as graphic design and layout of the two product flyers.

Bench a4 doppel 2 copy
Bench a4 doppel 3 copy

Client: Private Aspects
Production: Studio Chérie Production
Photography: Clara Sokol
Set Styling: Kristine Alksne
Graphic Design: Jessica Wolfelsperger


Exploring German chair design with pieces by Jäll & Tofta, Thonet, Objekte Unserer Tage and E15.

Chair Design 2hq
Chair Design 1hq

Set Design: Kristine Alksne
Photography: Anne Deppe
Production: Studio Chérie Production

Textural Fragmentation

A visual story of poetry, new tendencies, experimental processes, materials and textures in contemporary jewelry, conceived and executed by Kristine AlksneStudio Chérie‘s set stylist & art director, and fellow set stylist Pernille Andersen. All pieces are taken from three exclusive contemporary jewelry boutiques in Berlin.

Find the article online in ΠMagazine, Dec 2015.



Web S9A7496
Web S9A7613
Web S9A7642 1
Web S9A7699
Web S9A7824

Editorial Project for Œ Magazine
Art Direction & Set Styling: Kristine Alksne and Pernille Andersen
Photography: Matthias Piket
Production: Studio Chérie Production

Jewelry from:
OONA gallery for Contemporary Jewellery – represented artists: Karin Seufert, Benedikt Fischer, Marc Monzó, Petra Zimmermann, Christian Metzner Brandenburg, Noon Passama, PE/AH, Jiro Kamata
Fritz Schmuckwerkstatt –  represented artists: Melanie Nützel, Christian Bürger, Christiane Theise, Petra Brenner, Nora Rochel
Nuts & Pearls Jewelry


Maria Dominika for iMute Magazine

An editorial for iMuteMagazine.

Make the unknown known webitorial for iMute Magazine
Make the unknown known webitorial for iMute Magazine2

Editorial Project for iMuteMagazine
Photographer: Maria Dominika
Model: Maren Model-Management 
Styling: Lisa Reiss
Hair Make-upKarina Berg using Chanel & Bumbleandbumble

David by Mirko Fuhrherr

Photo shoot with model David Lurs, 2015.

See more


Client: Mirko Fuhrherr
Photography: Mirko Fuhrherr 
Model: David Lurs
Model Agent: Andrei Korniv
Hair and Make-Up: Maria Ehrlich


Emma Hartvig

Summer trends 2015 captured by Emma Hartvig.

still 11cylinderduffel
still 8cylindersling

Photography: Emma Hartvig

Cosmopolitan / DIOR

DIOR Shooting for Cosmopolitan, Issue December 2015.

Bildschirmfoto 2015 11 14 um 12.47.05
Bildschirmfoto 2015 11 14 um 16.24.39
Bildschirmfoto 2015 11 14 um 16.25.05
Bildschirmfoto 2015 11 14 um 16.22.40

Editorial Project for Cosmopolitan
Photography: Seb Winter
Make-Up Artist: Norman Pohl / Dior
Text & Production: Marie-Luise Wenzlawski / Cosmopolitan

Norman Pohl


74 Magazine Fashion

An editorial for Mag 74's fashion section, issue 2014, Winter 2014/15.


Editorial Project for Mag 74
Photography: Alexander Straulino
Styling: Isabel Kibler
Set Design: Kristine Alksne


KaDeWe Sneaker editorial

Still life photo shoot for the KaDeWe Berlin Magazine, Fall/Winter edition 2015.

Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 18.04.41
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 18.04.58
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 18.05.38

Client: KaDeWe
Photography: Amos Fricke
Styling: Alessandra Coico


Mag 74 - Beauty

An editorial for Mag 74's beauty section, issue 15, Spring 2015.


Editorial Project for Mag 74
Photography: Alexander Straulino
Styling: Isabel Kibler
Set Styling / Masks: Kristine Alksne

Can Dagarslani Identities Series

Shooting by architect and photographer Can Dagarslani for it´s sureal series ´Identities´ for iGNANT, Sept 2014.

Can Dagarslani 01
Can Dagarslani 02
Can Dagarslani 03
Can Dagarslani 04
Can Dagarslani 09

Photography: Can Dagarslani



Highsnobiety Photo Editorial

Still life shot of the Maison Martin Margiela with H&M Collection. Find out more on: Highsnobiety, 2012.

66243 442799012423596 2046254244 n
14303 442798869090277 929742905 n
65487 442799285756902 10034038 n
297267 442798835756947 2136156424 n
318709 442799179090246 427667490 n
60661 442799322423565 360281533 n

Editorial Project for Highsnobiety
Photography: Björn Jonas
Set Styling: Heidrun Troendle
Photographers Assistant: Kim Bode
Postproduction: Alterschwede



Courage Photo Contest

Promo video for the Chérie Photo Contest 2014, featuring the jury members:

Sven Ehmann, creative director of Gestalten
Pierre Andre Podbielskiart photography gallerist
Tina Sauerländerart critic and curator
Maxime Ballestrosart/fashion photographer 
Christoph Neumann, photographer


Promo video for COURAGE photo contest
Art Direction: Kristine Alksne
Shooting & Editing: Chloé Guerbois
Production: Studio Chérie Production

Published on:

Kaltblut Short Film "Sneakerslave"

Exclusive fashion short for Kaltblut Magazine, August 2014. A collaboration between photographer Gary Lafargue and media artist Chloé Guerbois.

Art Direction & Shot: Gary Lafargue & Chloé Guerbois 
Production: Renan Lelièvre / Studio Chérie Production
Model: Alexander Temme 
Stylist: Théophile Hermand 
Sound Design: Xavier Farang 


KaDeWe Magazin

Still life stories for the Christmas issue 2015.

Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.25.35
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.26.05
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.25.52
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.26.35
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.26.23
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.26.47
Screen Shot 2015 11 10 at 12.26.56

Client: KaDeWe
Photography: Roberto Badin
Paper Art: Ollanski